Middle Class Blues !!!

It's over. The inauguration, that is. Donald J. Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.
On Friday, in his address to the nation, he said, "We citizens of America are now joined in a great national effort
to rebuild our country and restore its promise for all our people." Then, in his first act as president,
he reversed the FHA mortgage-fee cut, which benefited first-time and low-income home buyers.
His top priority in the Oval Office will be dismantling the health care law that covers some 20 million Americans. 

It directs the secretary of health and human services, as well as other agencies, to interpret regulations as
loosely as allowed to minimize the financial burden on individuals, insurers, health care providers and others.
It stressed that agencies can "waive, defer, grant exemptions from or delay implementation of any provision or
requirement" of Obamacare that imposes a burden "to the maximum extent permitted by law."


Bernie Sanders For President !

A political revolution is coming.



After Bernie becomes President. TERM LIMITS For CONgress !
Please Sign this petition.

Bless Obama.
Bless us one and ALL.
Let the World Wide Healing begin.

Dave Kaspersin
I am Proud to be an American again!

I wrote the above when Obama got elected.

I believe President Obama is really trying to help this Country.

BUT, we still have the "SAME OLE' CON- GRESS"
And their main purpose seems to be to remove the Middle Class !

Obama decided to turn on the Debt Ceiling Fan in hopes of cooling CON GRESS down

But all it accomplished was to create a bigger DRAIN !!!

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.

Proposed 28th Amendment

The Downsizing and Demoralizing of the American Work Force

Sign The Petition To Impeach Everyone in CON Gress
(except Bernie)

Of the Rich, By
the Rich, For the Rich

Tax rate paid by top 400 earners has plummeted 35% since 1992,
with cuts worth an average of $31 million apiece

Amazing It's Not 99%
47% of all Americans, including 28% of Republicans, want government to
"redistribute wealth by heavy taxes on the rich"

Flat Taxed
U.S. tax system already nearly flat, with top 1% paying total tax rate
barely higher than middle class

Smart Rich People
"For the fiscal health of our nation and the well-being of our fellow citizens,
we ask that you increase taxes on incomes over $1,000,000."
– Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength

Founding Father Speaks Out on Need for High Tax Rates on Rich

"... the consequences of this enormous inequality producing so much misery
to the bulk of mankind, legislators cannot invent too many devices for
subdividing property ... exempt all from taxation below a certain
point, and tax the higher portions of property in geometrical
progression as they rise ..." – Thomas Jefferson, author of
Declaration of Independence, to James Madison,
father of U.S. Constitution, 1785


The Citizens of Egypt and many countries throughout the world, are revolting to
get their freedoms back, and to work and eat and be paid a far wage.
What is happening in these countries is going to happen here in the
United States of America. We have too many people loosing their homes,
living in the streets and going hungry. The only way to prevent a 
revolution in the US is for ALL bureaucrats at ALL levels of government,
to take a large cut in pay, eliminate all of their perks, cut back on staff,
and last but not least, try being honest for a change!

And we need to:
1. Get out of Iraq
2. Get out of Afghanistan
3. Reduce aid to the rest of the world.
4. Close all Governor's Mansions and turn them into money making Museums.
5. Governors can serve the public better by having their offices in one of our many
empty malls.
6. Tax all Churches. They make money, lots of money.

We must introduce a bill in Congress to increase the tax percentage
on the upper two percent rich to FIFTY PERCENT, with NO LOOPHOLES!
Then we must make it clear to all of Congress that anyone of them
who do not vote for the bill will be voted out of office.
We The Middle Class are still the largest percentage of people in The United States.
So we have the collective power to stop being slaves to 
the GREEDY RICH and to CON Gress!

" I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me 
and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. 
As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned, 
and an era of corruption in high places will follow, 
and the money power of the country will endeavor to 
prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the 
people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and 
the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more 
anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, 
even in the midst of war" -- 

Abraham Lincoln (Nov. 21, 1864 letter to Col. William F. Elkins)

Wake up Sheeple! Wisconson in 1886:

The Haymarket Riot took place in Chicago on May 4, 1886. 
Seven policemen and several protesters were killed, and 
the event led to the execution of four radicals.

In the Haymarket Riot of May 4, 1886, the police clashed 
violently with militant anarchists and labor movement protesters 
in Chicago. Seven policemen and several protesters were killed, 
leading to murder convictions for seven

radicals, four of whom were executed. The strong public and state 
reaction against the Haymarket protesters has been called the first
 Red Scare in U.S. history, and their trial has been widely critized 
or improper procedure and prosecutorial excess.

The Haymarket Riot grew out of labor unrest that had been brewing 
since the 1870s. Unhappy with difficult working conditions and feeling 
the pressure of economic depression, workers had engaged in periodic strikes. 
Strong, sometimes violent police opposition to these strikes led to 
greater labor militancy. Radicals became increasingly convinced that 
the struggle between labor and capital had come to a head and that the 
time for revolution was near. Many anarchists publicly advocated the use 
of explosives to bring down the capitalist system.

In 1886, a broad coalition of labor organizations joined to campaign 
for an eight-hour workday. On May 1, 1886, this coalition initiated a 
general strike throughout the United States, the effects of which were 
particularly strong in Chicago. On May 3, fighting broke out at the 
McCormick Reaper Works in Chicago, and at least two workers were killed 
by the police.

Outraged at these killings, anarchists, members of the labor movement, 
and other radicals met for a rally in Chicago's Haymarket Square on May 4.
 The rally was peaceable until the police attempted to disperse the crowd. 
Then a bomb was thrown into the police ranks, killing seven officers and 
wounding sixty more. The police fired in response, killing and wounding 
like numbers of participants.

In an ensuing crackdown against the labor movement, the police arrested 
hundreds of anarchists and other radicals. Two leading anarchist newspapers 
were put out of business, and their staffs were imprisoned. Finally, 
eight noted Chicago radicals and anarchists, including nationally known 
radical leaders August Spies and Albert Parsons, were indicted for the
 murder of one of the policemen at Haymarket Square. Public opinion 
turned swiftly against the protesters, in part because seven of the 
eight defendants in the case were foreign-born.


On Tuesday, Oakland police aggressively used "nonlethal" rounds to disperse peaceful protesters from Occupy Oakland. Their violent overreaction seriously injured Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen, leaving him hospitalized with a fractured skull. Iraq Veterans Against the War, of which Scott is a member, has asked everyone to share the image below to show their support. Will you help us make sure every American knows about this tragedy by sharing this photo of Scott Olsen right now?
The War Comes Home - - - "Right now he's sedated, on a respirator, with a skull fracture and swelling in his brain. The neurosurgeons are still deciding whether they need to take him into surgery." Ė Keith Shannon, Scott Olsen's roommate and fellow Iraq War veteran, on Olsen's injuries
MoveOn.org Civic Action"


 Every time I see some idiot call SS an entitlement
I could scream!!!
Social Security is NOT an entitlement! I have paid into to it since I was 18. 
I'm 69 and what I receive is not anywhere near what I have paid in.
And we receive no interest on our SS account! And they tax my payments !!!

Dave Kaspersin

I disagree with the word "entitlements". 
It's got a negative connotation - some people think it means money 
that they are GIVING away to "old" people.  They don't seem to want 
to acknowledge that since I started "officially" working at age 15 
I have not only paid into the social security system at every position
(and I have not been unemployed for the last 45 years- many years with 
two jobs at the same time), but that my salary was affected (lowered) 
by the fees and taxes that my employers had to dish out to the social 
security system as well.  So I've been paying into the system for 45 years.  
I'll probably start collecting at age 70 to get the max.  Maybe I'll live 
20 years - if the rage over the word "entitlement" doesn't give me a heart attack first.
So in another ten years when I start collecting, I will have contributed for 
55 years.  55 paying into /20 receiving (and I'm taxed on that, by the way) - you do the math.
Math - which brings me to the school system.

 I live in New York State and own a home.  I have owned a home in NYS for a 
combination of thirty-one years. For those thirty-one  years I have paid SCHOOL TAXES.  
I have no children.
My husband, who has owned a home in NYS and paid school taxes for 48 years - actually 
had one child in the school system in NYS.  For seven years only.  So his 48 years, 
and my 8 years before we shared a household combine to total 56 years of school taxes 
on residential property - at this time .  IN ADDITION, we pay school taxes on the 
business property that we own.  For the last 36 years, again, with one child who 
participated in the school system for 7 years, and paying residential property school taxes
as well, we've contributed to school taxes on that separate property. AND business owners 
can not vote on the school taxes issues or referendums.  More math.  I'll make it easy: 
56 years of residential school taxes,  36 years of business property school taxes. 
One kid in the school system for seven years.

So, I think I'm "entitled" to get back the school taxes we've been paying - especially since
apparently the youth have not received an education worth discussing - they, for some reason, 
think they are entitled to at least 92 years of my paying their school taxes,  while I am not
"entitled" to get back the social security payments that I will have made for 55 years.  
Wait a minute - my mother should get her school taxes back too. She paid school taxes on her 
home for twenty-seven years after her youngest child left the NYS school system.  
She could use the money - her social security "increase" is going to get chopped for 
additional medicare costs.

Jackie Kaspersin

The American Dream!

Click HERE for a larger rendition.

This cartoon applies to everyone on this planet
who is not in the upper 2 percent rich !

"You know the nearer your destination
The more you're slip slidin' away"
Paul Simon

Tired of WORKING So Hard Middle Class ? 

You're middle class and you're busting your butts to keep
your heads above water. Why ? Very simple.
The upper two percent rich class DO NOT PAY THEIR  FARE SHARE OF TAXES!

Today more than anytime in history
The rich are getting obscenely richer
The poor are getting much poorer
And the middle class is working
harder then ever to keep their heads above
water and support EVERYTHING !
And many of the middle class are going under !

We have become a government

The second richest man in the world, Warren Buffet, said 
"It's wrong that my receptionist pays more taxes than I do" 
We (The Middle Class) could all have much better lives and 
would not have to work two jobs, 
if the rich were forced to pay their fair share.
And many of this country's problems would be solved.

Solution ?

Very simple. We the people, the middle class have to FORCE the rich
to start paying their fair share.


We must introduce a bill in Congress to increase the tax percentage
on the upper two percent rich to FIFTY PERCENT, with NO LOOPHOLES!
Then we must make it clear to all of Congress that anyone of them
who do not vote for the bill will be voted out of office.
We The Middle Class are still the largest percentage of people in The United States.
So we have the collective power to stop being slaves to 
the GREEDY RICH and to CON Gress!

Dave Kaspersin 2008

Its time for all of our bureaucrats to cut back. Cut the perks, including the mansions, cars, etc. for everyone in all cities, towns, etc. We The Middle Class do not want to pay for these extravagances any longer!
Feb, 2009 Just received a notice that the Town of Greece plans on raising our Taxes again. Time for a PAY BACK to the citizens of Greece from Kodak. And / Or maybe its time to cut the towns management salaries by 60 percent. They are all way overpaid as it is.

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